We Are…

We are classmates, students, learners and ako!
We are a library – focused and quiet during literacy time.
We are green, like the traffic light at the intersection…
We are motivated, to master and experiment
We are hot fudge sauce, warm and welcoming like icing on the cake
We are leaders, Year 5 and 6 in our Senior Team
We are pencils, laptops, pastels and I-Pads
We are listeners, ready to hear what others have to say
We are musicians, celebrating our learning with a ukulele or drum
We are COLLABORATORS, wanting to share our learning with the world!

This is our poem that we wrote together as part of the 2012 Blogging Challenge.

7 thoughts on “We Are…

  1. Love your poem. It tells us alot about your learning and interests. We have updated your details on our edublog so will be following your new blog. Last year we were part of the Kiwi Ukulele Festival in Auckland for the first time. We are keen to be part of this again. Maybe we can practice together and we can send you some video of us visiting the other schools for the first practice. They are amazing.
    We have just signed up for the edublog challenge. Hope we are not too late. Have you done this before?
    Cheers Kereru Class

  2. Oh – we would love to skype and jam with you at some stage! Our music teacher is hooked on skype! You are not too late at all for the challenge – this is our second go at it and we love the connections it initiates… 🙂

  3. We love your poem and your blog looks fabulous. It was a great way to let us know about you. We are new to blogging and this is our first challenge so we are feeling our way. Your blog looks so professional that we’ll be popping over to check your blog out a lot. Enjoy your school camp.

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  5. Dear Einsteins,
    Loved your welcoming poem! What a creative way to introduce yourselves.

    We want to be collaborators too. We are just starting out with our blog on Edublog and looking forward to connecting with other classrooms all over the world.

    We would love to hear from you and learn more about your world.

    Mrs. McKelvey’s Class

  6. Mrs mckelvy... Looking forward to forming connections with many classrooms... I am on camp with the year 6 students right now... Hoping my year 5s manage to share what they are up to back at school...

  7. Dear The Room 9 Einsteins,
    I am from South Korea and I just want to say, I LOVE your blog! What I really enjoyed was the little poem you’ve got there. It is small and short, but truley describes you inner-self which really makes the poem even bigger! Our class has a blog too!

    Erin Ryu

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