Writing in Room 5


Today we talked about the process of writing and what we need to do at each stage…

mZCAJ9t1RflUN303aHQAyjuzsMwyQhFm7u2vntX5dDMBefore we begin writing it is important to PLAN what we are going to write. Sometimes we might plan by talking about our ideas and thinking about what we say and practising it in our heads. For big pieces of writing we might use a thinking tool to help us organise our ideas. It is really important that we know our purpose for writing and who our audience is before we begin to write anything…


We DRAFT our writing on every second line using black pen. Our writing room is a quiet room and the only talking is in our heads. Our drafts might look a bit untidy but we are striving to get some stuff right as we write… We know how to use capital letters so these should happen as we write…

When we have completed our first draft, we need to read it aloud to ourselves and PROOFREAD to make sure it all makes sense and that we have have punctuated it correctly. Lastly, before we type up our final draft we conference with a buddy by letting them know what our goal was, what we are pleased with and what we need help with… This helps us to EDIT the detail and description in our writing.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody! We are looking forward to starting school on Monday the 3rd of February. We will be in Room 5 while phase 2 of our building development takes place.

In the meantime, get thinking about what you want your sentence to be for this year. What do you want others to be saying about you by the end of 2014?

What’s Your Sentence?: The Video from Daniel Pink on Vimeo.

Year 6, 2013

It is always sad to see each group of year 6 students leave us at the end of every year. However, the teachers can’t help but also celebrate each of the students’ achievements. We asked them what one of their biggest achievements or highlight was. This is what they shared:

Many thanks to Sam who took the stunning photos!

Today, We Said “Thankyou!”

Today, We Said “Thankyou!” to our road patrollers.

The road patrol team have headed out in rain, hail, snow and the odd bit of sun to help control the traffic and to check that all children get across the road safely. They do a wonderful job and we hope they know how much we appreciate them!

Today the Road Patrol Team was invited to a parade down the main street in town with all other road patrollers from Dunedin schools. The Mayor thanked them for their hard work and then they headed off to the pool for a swim and a barbecue lunch!

Many thanks to the NZ Police for organising this event, to our road patrollers for their commitment and reliability and to Miss Avery for supervising Road Patrol this year.

Screenshot 2013-11-22 22.08.35

It’s Okay to Critique!

This week we looked at the word critique and what good criticism is. We also watched this video…

We have decided that we need to:

  • we need feedback at many different stages of learning.
  • it’s okay to have lots of goes at a task and to make improvements based on feedback each time.
  • want to make progress and get feedback to help us do that.
  • take the role of giving feedback very seriously.